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  • Rev. Bill Vasilakis | Australia
  • Rev. Wes Mills | Canada
  • Dr. Peter Kuzmič | Croatia
  • Rev. Dan Sørensen Jacobi | Denmark
  • Rev. Fakhry Hanna | Egypt
  • Bishop Alur Ounpuu | Estonia
  • Rev. Lako Bedaso  | Ethiopia
  • Rev. Mika Yrjölä | Finland
  • Rev. Paul Frimpong Manso | Ghana
  • Rev. Aron Hinriksson | Iceland
  • Rev. Dr. David Prakasam | India
  • Rev. Paulus Rudy Widjaja | Indonesia
  • Bishop Nick Park | Ireland
  • Bishop Philip Kitoto | Kenya
  • Rev. Ildoo Kwon | South Korea
  • Rev. Rimantas Kupstys | Lithuania
  • Rev. Ong Sek Leang | Malaysia
  • Rev. Henry Madava | Republic of Moldova
  • Rev. Machiel Jonker | Netherlands
  • Rev. Francis Wale Oke | Nigeria
  • Rev. Øystein Gjerme | Norway
  • Rev. Yang Tuck Yoong | Singapore
  • | Sweden
  • Rev. Marco Hofmann | Switzerland
  • Rev. Dr. Barnabas Mtokambali | United Republic of Tanzania
  • Bishop Valery Reshetinsky | Ukraine
    Pentecostal World Fellowship



    To establish a Pentecostal World Fellowship Ambassador in every nation on earth who will serve Pentecostals and the Pentecostal World Fellowship in his/her nation


    • TO SERVE Pentecostals and the Pentecostal Movement in individual nations by fostering unity, connectivity and renewal among Spirit-filled people, communities, and organizations
    • TO PROVIDE a greater means of furthering the mission of PWF – to unite and mobilize the global Spirit-filled family in completing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ
    • TO START a PWF national chapter when one does not exist in a nation and to serve with other Spirit-filled unity efforts within the nation


    • Ambassadors must be leaders of recognized stature who are held in high regard by the diverse Pentecostal groups within their nation or region
    • Ambassadors must have demonstrable experience in gathering and uniting other believers
    • Ambassadors must agree to the PWF statement of faith
    • Ambassadors would be members in good standing of the PWF or part of a PWF member group that is in good standing
    • If serving as part of a member group, then approval from the leadership of that group would be required prior to appointment
    • Ambassadors will be self-funded or obtain funding from within their nation or movement
    • Ambassadors (or their designees) will meet in person at least once triennially to enhance fellowship and encourage best practices in furthering the Pentecostal movement in the nations of the world
    • Ambassadors will report to the PWF Global Office on a regular basis (at least annually)
    • Ambassadors may serve an unlimited number of 3-year terms after initial selection by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. A reaffirmation by the Advisory Committee will be required for each 3-year term
    • The first PWF Ambassador’s Global Conclave would take place in conjunction with the 2022 PWC