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Pentecostal World Fellowship

News & Updates

PWF Executive & Advisory Committee Meeting

July 12, 2018

The PWF Executive & Advisory Committee came together for a business meeting on 26 & 27 June in Calgary, Canada. Also present at the meeting to give the committee an update on the 25th Pentecostal World Conference (PWC) were the PWC2019 host committee members.

The 25th Pentecostal World Conference will be held in Calgary, Canada from 27-30 August 2019.

Dr Prince Guneratnam chairing the PWF Advisory Committee Meeting

PWF Executive & Advisory Committee meeting with the PWC2019 Host Committee

PWF Executive & Advisory Committee members and the PWC2019 Host Committee

Devotion with Rev Dominic Yeo

Prayer for the PWC2019 Host Committee

Lunch Fellowship hosted by Calgary Meetings + Conventions at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre
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